“Fit Ho Aap” is “FittoAap” slogan
to express our care and concern
asking if you are “Fit n Fine”.

If you too care for your dear ones:
Then use FittoApp to call out loudly
“Fit Ho Aap”

FittoApp part of Leader Bhaskar’s
Fit India Movement
is here to
‘help all to care for all’ and get
FIT too…


Who We Are

We’re a passionate team led by a military veteran an Air Warrior Squadron Leader S H Bhasar (fondly called Leader Bhaskar) dedicated to fitness for all Indians through Fit India Movement. A Movement initiated by our leader in 2005-06 set to create innovative platforms for every common Indian that would motivate and captivate them into a Fitness mind set and ultimately enhancing their longevity efficiency zeal and economic productivity.


Birth of a Movement

(A Mission was Born)

In 2005-06, our founder when he was freshly out of Indian Air Force was disturbed to hear about heart attack of a youth in his 20s. Realised sedentary life style, passive work environment and too studious schooling were the root causes. He set out to conceive and develop Fit India Movement.

Our Mission

To create ever evolving innovative platforms those enthuse and enable Fitness mentality in every Indian and also those living in India. We set achievable fitness benchmarks, create an opportunity to test, rate and showcase peoples level of fitness, whoever and whatever they are.

Fittoapp evolved from #Fit Ho Aap, our concern for all. If, Whatsapp is cool and casually asking you just “What’s Up” we with all care n concern want to ask you #Fit Ho Aap. Further strive to bring an affirmative answer from all, #Are you fit n fine # Fit agiddira neevu (Hegiddiri Neevu)

Leader Bhaskar's Fit India Movement appreciated by President of India in 2006.

Our Aim |

Fitness for All

Our Action |

Fit India Movement

Our Celebration |

Fit India Day

Our Dream |

Fit and Flourishing India

Our Fit India Movement inspired Our Honourable Prime Minister who launched it on 29th Aug 2019.

The App Features

New exciting face to Fitness.

Begins with enquiry “Fit Ho Aap”!?

Helps you to test or challenge your FITNESS

Tells you where you stand in FITNESS

Creates and offers interesting platforms to put yourself to test.

Encourages Enables and Empowers OYO

‘On Your Own’ or self-reliance

You spread the message

Fit Ho Aap!?


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Fit India Movement’s

First Baby Step: Fittest Challenge@Mt.Madhugiri

Turning into a leap: Laksha Fittotsava

Next multiple Leaps: Char/Chhe Fittodhaam

Be a “FITTEST” certified personality.

Take the challenge, accomplish it be recognised, certified and rewarded…

First Baby Step: Fittest Challenge@Mt.Madhugiri

FITTEST Challenge @Mt.Madhugiri

back img

FITTEST Challenge@Mt.Madhugiri a part of “FIT INDIA MOVEMENT” launched by PM NaMo is a challenge to all without any barriers, age, gender or any. Anyone with an attitude n josh willing to take on the challenge can just > register > go > climb; OYO (on your own) Mt. Madhugiri, a monolithic mountain near Bangalore. It has been achieved by ordinary people, 3 year to 70 year old, men n women, even physically challenged. Ex-pats too can go ahead register and take on the challenge. It has been repeatedly tried tested and conquered by very ordinary people men and women 3 to 70 year olds, even physically challenged/specially abled. Come register, take the challenge, climb safely and carefully announce loudly from top of the World

I am Fit >>> Fitter >>> Fittest >>> Are you???

Fit India Trusted Team will acknowledge your accomplishment recognise >>> certify >>> reward and promote more level of Fitness.

Go For It Now:

➤ Be a proud part of the National Movement.
➤ Take the FITTEST Challenge@Mt.Madhugiri.
➤ Conquer the Peak “Where only Eagles Dare”.
➤ Announce on top I am the FITTEST… Are you too?
➤ Challenge the Celebrities Virat, Hrithik, Akshay, Salman if they too can take the challenge like you.

It is an important part of Fit India Movement.

En route to “Fit and Flourishing INDIA and YOU”.

It activates YOU, your body mind and soul offering a challenging environment and makes YOU fitter in a very special enjoyable manner.

Like our a muscular double headed EAGLE depicts.

It helps you build self-confidence; demonstrate your fitness, agility, ability, endurance and basic adventurous mind-set that exists in all.

Flying higher and higher with élan like our EAGLE Touching the Sky with Glory.

It instils a permanent Achievers attitude and an attitude that says loudly “YESS I CAN DO IT TOO”.

A lifetime habit that plays the role of preventive healthcare, improved efficiency and performance in every possible field of life, also an added longevity.

It instils in you the well proven epithet “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”.

What you gain

Tangible Award Take Away

Etch your name on our

“Hall of Fame”

by Ascending Mt.Madugiri

“Hill of Fame”

➤ A medallion of Fit Fitter or Fittest awarded on Accomplishment at a special function.
➤ A certificate of level of Fitness.
➤ Certification as Conquerer of the Peak
“Where only Eagles Dare”.
Life Membership and card on the Circuit of
“FITTEST Fitness Challengers”

Mt. Madhugiri is a 3955 feet monolithic mountain situated 108km from Bangalore at Madhugiri town a historic place with seven fold fortress, historic temples and also a Govt School that gave sufficient GNYAN to the legendary IT pioneer Sri N R Narayana Murthy Founder Infosys during his early years.


Register for the challenge. .

Go to Madhugiri 108km from Bangalore OYO (on your own) or WYO (with your own) people or with your own team.

Climb Mt.Madhugiri OYO (on your own) or WYO (with your own) people or with your own team.

No rush, no stunts, it’s sheer grit and determination and an urge to conquer the mountain.

Absolutely No losers in this challenge.

Every registered participant walks out a winner.

Recognised as Fit; Fitter or FITTEST and an opportunity to come back anytime and boost your status.

FITTEST certified have more challenges awaiting in the form of “Chhe Fittodhaam” like we have “Chaar Dham Yatra” you the Fit Brave Hearts have “Char/Chhe Fittodham”.


Sunday, the 12th Jan 2020, National Youth Day is when you can challenge yourself and test your fitness. Being “Certified Fittest” by climbing to a great height with your team is the best way to begin the New Year 2020 and the 2020s most special decade in the next 1000 years. This will be best way of remembering and offering obeisance to Swamy Vivekananda on his birthday. Come refresh your YOUTH and pledge to care for your Fitness and Health and be part of this National Movement. The challenge will be carried forward and culminate into Laksha Fittotsava @ Madhugiri and several other challenging places. Going on to be the long drawn out “Fit India Movement”, the battle against unfitness, sedentary life style, that in turn leads to health issues like Blood Pressure, Sugar heart ailments etc in youngsters at a very early stage.


Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi launched Fit India Movement on 29 Aug 2019. Fit India Movement was conceived by us in 2006, was appreciated by then wonderful President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Same was presented to PM Sri Narendra Modi on 03 Jul 2014, later launched by PM. Movement was conceived by a military veteran, an Air Warrior Squadron Leader S H Bhaskar (fondly called Leader Bhaskar). Leader Bhaskar conceived the Movement to address the challenge of today’s society both young n old and also children who are bogged down by sedentary life style (smart phone a major contributor).


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FittoApp (meaning Fit-Ho-Aap)

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The Fit India Movement Team

Sqn Ldr S H Bhaskar (Retd)

Chief Fitness Officer

Phone: 9901278838, 9741395503

E-mail: fit.india.movement@gmail.com

Place: Bangalore - 560024


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Come take on the challenge... Let's Go for IT.

Urban-Registration fee ₹1200/-
Students @ 50% discount.
Rural-Registration fee ₹800/-
Students @ 50% discount.
Defence-Registration fee ₹900/-
Students @ 50% discount.

Accomplished Happy Challangers

☆ Our Fitness Stars ☆
These are our Stars
as they peaked on the PEAK taking on added challenges of their very early or very advanced age, physical challenges (specially abled) and combined age and health challenges. They can Inspire YOU or Anyone
☺ Right!!! ☺

Fitness for All.

All the Time.

FittoApp motivates you to reach a very healthy fitness status by providing healthy interesting challenges that are doable. It helps assisted and independent measurement of fitness status of individuals teams and groups. It helps your fitness status be tested measured recognised and reward by independent competent entities thus inspiring each registered individual to keep improving ones fitness status. FittoApp creates test platforms and enables all to take on challenges and constantly improve one’s mental and physical fitness. Allows you to create your own doable challenges and recognise and reward your own self defined fitness challenge. “#Open Source challenger
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